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GTAW(TIG) Power Source

AC/DC Power Sources
-Magic Wave 2600
-Magic Wave 3000 Digital
DC Power Sources
-TransTig 1700
-TransTig 2200
Stainless Steel Cleaner

DC Power Sources


Manual electrode (MMA) welding
CEL Compatible (Selected Power Sources)

Standard Equipment
Automatic cooling-unit cut-out
Touch-down ignition / HF switch-selectable
Gas-test button
Job mode (selected Power sources)
S-mark, CE-mark
Thermostat-controlled fan
Up-Down control from torch
Over temperature protection
2-step mode, 4-step mode
Spot-welding / Puls mode
Digital display
TAC special tack mode
Earth leakage monitoring

Robot interface
TIG Job-Master
Calibration document
Rate-of-flow watchdog for torch cooling

Recommended Base Materials
Constructional steels
Ferritic / austenitic Stainless steels
Duplex steels
Nickel-based materials
Magnesium materials
Copper materials
Special materials

Recommended Areas of Use
Construction of plant, containers, machinery, structural steel
Industry plant & pipeline construction
Maintenance, repair and assembling
Construction of chemical and paper plants
Automobile and allied vendor industries
Robot welding
Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock
Shipbuilding and offshore engineering


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