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Cold Metal Transfer 

-TransPuls Synergic 2700 CMT

-TransPuls Synergic 3200 CMT 

-TransPuls Synergic 4000 CMT 

-TransPuls Synergic 5000 CMT    

High Speed High Deposition Power Sources

-Time 5000 Digital

-Time Twin Digital 

-Laser Hybrid

-Zuper Inverter 400i

Inverter Power Sources

-VarioStar 1500

-VarioStar 2500

-VarioStar 3100

-VarioSynergic 3400

-VarioSynergic 4000

-VarioSynergic 5000

-Zuper Arc 300/400


Zuper Series(MIG/MAG) Welding Outfits


Laser Hybrid

In the Laser Hybrid process, the laser beam and the arc act in the welding zone at the same time, and influence each other. The results are welcome synergy effects: highest possible speed, with the highest possible quality, stabilisation of the process, and spatter-free welding, even at maximum speed; improved gap bridgeability, less distortion and therefore less rework and shorter production times. A newly developed welding head for fully automatic applications has minimum geometrical dimensions, providing easy access to components which are difficult to weld. With the Laser Hybrid process, aluminium, steel, galvanized steel and high-grade steels up to a thickness of 4 mm can be welded.

Technical Data

Weight in kg (without optics)     19
Weight in lb (without optics)    41.89
Dimensions l x w x h mm      769,5/59/415,7 
Dimensions l x w x h inches    30.30/6.26/16.37 
Duty cycle at 10 min/40 C (104 F)   100 % d.c. at 250 A 
Laser output        4 kW / 10 kW 
Marks of conformity      CE 
Safety     S


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