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GTAW(TIG) Power Source

AC/DC Power Sources
-Magic Wave 2600
-Magic Wave 3000 Digital
DC Power Sources
-TransTig 1700
-TransTig 2200
Stainless Steel Cleaner

Magic Wave 2600

  • AC/DC Tig welder. (inverter) 0 to 260 amps variable output.

  • H.F. High frequency & arc start. (adjustable)

  • Fully variable square wave feature.

  • Digital volt & ammeter.

  • Pre and Post gas timer.

  • Manual metal arc (stick) capability in AC & DC.

  • Welds aluminium, stainless steel + ordinary mild steel.

  • Earth return cable & clamp Brand new tig torch!

  • Fronius foot pedal.

  • Fan cooling.

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