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GTAW(TIG) Power Source

AC/DC Power Sources
-Magic Wave 2600
-Magic Wave 3000 Digital
DC Power Sources
-TransTig 1700
-TransTig 2200
Stainless Steel Cleaner

TransTig 2200

The TransTig 2200 is a TIG-DC power source, and has an output of 220 A. It is both light and robust, self-explanatory in operation, completely digitised and delivers maximum power from a 230 V mains. The power source is also ideally suited to chemical, container, machine and plant construction, installation firms, metal construction, maintenance and repair companies, and for pipeline construction.

At 16.8 kg and 220 A output, the TransTig 2200 is an extremely portable yet powerful welding machine. It can work on a 230 V connection, and can weld any low or high-alloy steel and non-ferrous metal.

  • 220 A at 16,8 kg

  • 230 V connection

  • Welds low-alloy and high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals



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