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Cold Metal Transfer 

-TransPuls Synergic 2700 CMT

-TransPuls Synergic 3200 CMT 

-TransPuls Synergic 4000 CMT 

-TransPuls Synergic 5000 CMT    

High Speed High Deposition Power Sources

-Time 5000 Digital

-Time Twin Digital 

-Laser Hybrid

-Zuper Inverter 400i

Inverter Power Sources

-VarioStar 1500

-VarioStar 2500

-VarioStar 3100

-VarioSynergic 3400

-VarioSynergic 4000

-VarioSynergic 5000

-Zuper Arc 300/400


Zuper Series(MIG/MAG) Welding Outfits


VarioStar 2500

At 250 A, the VarioStar 2500 is a stepped MIG/MAG power source with an integral 2-roll drive. It is easy to handle, has a robust design, and can be used in many different fields: Maintenance and repair, metal and gantry construction, fitting shops and forges, and in the manufacture of special vehicles.

The VarioStar 2500 is particularly suited to light-gauge sheet welding thanks to its exceptionally good weld properties. The integral adjustment aid ensures that it is very easy to use.

  • Robust design

  • Stepped up to 250 A

  • For joining light-gauge sheets




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