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The welding education of the future has a name: Fronius Virtual Welding. Trainees can now take course sessions “virtually”, under quasi-realistic conditions.
Many firms are faced with a shortage of qualified welders. Fronius Virtual Welding is a step towards enhancing the image of welding, with innovative technology. Without needing any prior knowledge, beginners can start learning what welding is all about under true-to-life conditions – without any safety risks, and using an ergonomically shaped torch, typical workpieces and adjustable welding parameters.

Self-explanatory software, simple menu navigation and the touchscreen all combine to make this training tool very easy to use.

Using Virtual Welding brings huge potential savings, consuming up to 25 % fewer materials and resources. The trainer can now concentrate on the essentials.

“Learning while you learn” – Training Mode The training takes place in two steps. The first step is Training Mode, which is divided into three learning phases.
An ideal type of assistance is provided by a “virtual instructor” known as the Ghost. The Ghost shows trainees the optimum welding speed, the tip-to-work distance and the torch tilt angle that they should keep up. Traffic-light colour signals and real-life welding noises give them real-time feedback, showing them where and how they are on-target or deviating from target. In this way, direct and instant correction is possible from right inside the process.

Measurable results
A pedagogically sophisticated points system means that comparable training results can be achieved again and again; this in turn allows the trainees to be assessed objectively and transparently. Assessment is made easier by the automatically generated ranking lists. Like in a computer game, these ranking lists show how well the players are measuring up against one another – which makes learning a lot more fun.

Training Mode: three learning phases – Simulation Mode: two learning phases.

So easy that it’s self-explanatory Virtual Welding is extremely easy to operate and scores for the self-explanatory structure of its software and its easy-view menu navigation. The touchscreen makes it even easier to select and work through the tutorials. As an optional extra, the helmet is available with a pair of built-in 3D goggles. These make working on the workpiece an even truer-to-life experience – no need to look back and forward between the workpiece and the touchscreen during training. Virtual Welding – an ideal tool for trainees of the young “media generation”.

Be your own trainer – with no risk to yourself or others.

All-round view
This ingenious training tool uses a magnetic fi eld and magnetic sensors to transmit information about how the torch is being manipulated, the tip-to-work distance and even  fine, oscillating movements of the trainee’s hand. Another sensor on the helmet enables a 360° view of the workpiece – either on the touchscreen or in the 3D goggles.

A true-to-life welding feeling is achieved by 3D goggles built into the helmet.


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